1 on 1 mindfulness therapy sessions

Many of us go through life on automatic pilot, racing around from one project or crisis to the other without taking stock of how we are doing (until illness forces us to stop), or even taking time to be aware of and enjoy what we are doing. When we practice mindfulness we are more aware of our thoughts and emotions and are able to be present for the people and events that are here; right now.

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Offering individual based counselling sessions to learn how to apply mindfulness in your day to day lives.  Note: Sessions will be through easy to connect computer-based Psychology Today's secure and confidential Sessions video platform, from the comfort of your home.

Accepted Insurance Plans

Green Shield Canada, Great-West Life, Canada Life, Manulife, Empire Insurance, and others.
Coverage is dependent on the individual's plan.
Verify your health insurance coverage when you arrange your first visit.

My Qualifications

My name is Wanita Pelley. I am a local Grey County & Bruce County Social Services Worker, and Life Skills Coach. I have completed MBSR, MBCT, and Mindfulness Core Concepts courses, as well as the Teacher Training Intensive MBSR Facilitator course.  

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Have Questions about Mindfulness Therapy?

Do you want to relieve stress and become fully alive to the moments in your life? I will guide you to pay attention, with intention, and acceptance; find joy in everyday living. We only get one life to live; don't just exist, be alive for each one!!  Contact me today and we will set up a free consultation appointment.  I look forward to connecting with you.



  • So Many Thoughts, So Little Time

    We generate 12 to 70 thousand thoughts on average in a day; only 5% of these thoughts are new. That means 95% of the time we are either ruminating about the past, or anxious about our perceptions of the future, and having the same thoughts day in and day out. Additionally, research states that approximately 80% of these thoughts are negative, which can often worsen depression and anxiety.

  • Anchor yourself In The Present Moment

    Now, Imagine you could become fully alive in each moment as it was happening, and accept it without judgement. In our sessions you will learn how to respond to stress and anxiety with calm and ease as it arises, instead of reacting to the stimulus in that moment. With these tools you will be better able to respond with the awareness of what emotions and motives are driving your responses and decisions.

  • Developing Mindfulness One-on-One

    Mindfulness in private therapy sessions offers clients an opportunity to learn mindfulness practices in a one on one setting. This allows me to support your individual needs and preferences to help you manage stress and ease both physical and emotional pain using proven mindfulness techniques to guide you on your journey to getting to know your own mind. 

  • Your New Stress & Anxiety Survival Kit

    I teach mindful meditation techniques so that you are able to pay attention to your thoughts, recognize the negative ones, and recognize how often your thoughts are negative. This allows you to change this pattern by practicing mindfulness and accepting what is here and now instead of ruminating about the past or anticipating the future. This means being fully alive to each moment as it arrives, as it is present, and as it transforms into the next moment. In a private therapy session you will also be able to work on personal stressors which are unique to your life, and receive personalized support while you develop your own mindfulness practice.