What Is Anchor?

Hi, I'm Wanita Pelley, welcome to Anchor Therapy. I'm an empath with a passion for helping others. The knowledge I have gained through my own personal life challenges and training enables me to guide others to find their anchor when life feels out of control. I look forward to hearing from you; until then...

Breathe in Peace; Find Your Anchor

Mindfulness Therapy

Do you want to relieve stress and become fully alive to the moments in your life? Let's Talk!

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Terren Moto I have been seeing Wanita at Anchor Counselling & Animal Assisted Therapy for almost a year. The intake process is amazing. Wanita gave me a great consultation to see if we would be a match. A year later we are still a match! I appreciate Wanita's support on non-pharmacology based interventions and her advocacy for Mindfulness. Speaking of Mindfulness I am successfully completed her MBSR Course, which gives excellent strategies for calming the busy mind! What makes Wanita stand out is her support of you taking charge of your own treatment plan. This is what makes a great therapist. I couldn't recommend Wanita at Anchor Counselling & Animal Assisted Therapy enough!


Chelsey H.  Absolutely the best therapy! Delivered with kindness and compassion from the upmost professionals.


Gina D.  During a very stressful time in my life I enrolled in Wanita and Jamie’s MBSR course to help me manage this surmounting stress. With the knowledge and tools they provided I have developed a better understanding of myself and my coping abilities and found some new strategies to add to my deck! Wanita and Jamie were amazing facilitators and were able to help all of us participating to gain some amazing perspectives. I’m amazed at how much we were all able to learn from each other! I look forward to attending another silent retreat and hope to again take another of their courses! Thanks so much ❤️
Angela C.  I highly recommend Wanita! She is an extremely warm, kind, generous and compassionate person, and you can feel that she truly understands and cares about your well-being. She is patient and supportive, and more than willing to share her wisdom and knowledge. Thank you for all you do, Wanita!!!!
Lee J.  Wanita is warm and kind, and an excellent therapist. I'm very grateful for her total professionalism.

Rose C.   “The MBSR course has been a wonderful journey of reflection and self discovery for me. It has helped me to be more aware of my outward and internal reactions to the many posit and negative aspects of my life. Having this awareness has been helpful for me to build skills and strategies to move ahead and face life with a calmer, more positive approach. Thank you!” Rose


Alyssa S.  27 Apr 2021
Wanita and Sophie are amazing! You can expect kindness, compassion, and help with whatever you’re going through in a safe and welcoming environment. Wanita goes the extra mile and always with a smile on her face. We knew from the start that this was the perfect fit and they have helped our family in more ways then one. Definitely 10/10 and if you’re considering taking the next step on your mental health journey, then this is a great place to do just that.

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